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Directive & Achievements Leaderboard

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
I have finished the directive score and achievement score leaderboards. There is one for both directive score and a score for DA stats achievements.

Directives Board

Achievements Board

They work the same as achievements by only counting the players who are viewed on DA stats. If you want to add or update a player just view their profile. This is to save space and time while scanning.

The DAS achievements value are as follows:

  • Silver - 10
  • Gold - 25
  • Auraxium and Directives - 100
  • Feats - 50
  Posted: Aug 15th, 2014 4:59 PM #1453       VIEW COMMENTSREPLY

Directives beta

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
I have partially finished a directives objective and progress viewer:


You can get to it by going to a player page and clicking "Directives (beta)".

Some notes about how the API handles directives:

  • Objectives that are complete or have no progress are not shown on your API record
  • Objectives are not shown for medals sometimes
  Posted: Aug 11th, 2014 7:22 PM #1443       VIEW COMMENTSREPLY

Minor updates 8/9/14

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
I have made some changes to the following:

  • Changed the player weapon list by highlighting weapons of interest

    • Teal for sanctioned weapons
    • Pink for auraxium/directive stuff
    • The key displays more info

  • Added the consumables table back below all the weapons - will take some scrolling until I add an anchor. Note that some consumables are not necessarily 1:1.
  • Moved outfit stats link to be less intrusive
  • Removed tags column
  • Fixed the galaxy not having an icon. I really don't have an icon for it. It's a liberator for now.
  • Fixed a typo (ty to Killah)
  • Added an achievement for auraxiuming a directive weapon
  • Moved achievements link to database
  • Added an achievement for unlocking the Opportunist title
  • Changed Sky Guardian to include MAX bursters

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