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Changes 8/21

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  • Added Deployable BR 10 achievement (for cheeky if she ever gets it, posting official change even though it's been a week or so)
  • Changed the weight of headshot rate and dominations in the MLG score value (by 50% and 90% respectively). Quit padding it you fucks
  • Added time with medkit and knife (at the request of Cheese)
  • Changed deprecated tags column on the player page to show total kills (kills + vehicle kills) for personal auraxium credit -- overall auraxium value in leaderboards is calculated on the bot, and I can't to recompile it right now to change it

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Happy birthday to DA stats

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Last year I posted this message in July, but I forgot this year. The website is 2 years old this month!

If you're still a recovering shitter, think twice about pulling that MAX this month in honor of us!

Brought to you by a ded outfit for a ded gaem
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Llamacon 1

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DBG is getting DDoSed. Smedbot said it was minor but its affecting everything they have, including the API. Very few responses are coming through, so you all know what this means.

Should also mention this has been an ongoing thing and you should read up on it if you're interested. This post even made it to r/bestof on reddit.

Update: 7/12 -- API is still clogged. The scanner has about 3 days of backlogged updates.

Update 7/16 -- We're back! There is still a backlog and it will take a day or so to get everything up to date. Requesting single profiles should work again and there should be no missing icons.

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