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Minor updates & beta participation

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[DA] DasAnfall
I have made a few minor changes to achievements:

I have also passively been working on a "new" stats site that I have been updating for my own amusement to check new API additions and play with character stat formulas. I hope you will use it to amusingly shit-talk people who are mistaken about elements of the game, since you can now link them directly.

It is currently in open beta but once I complete the player updates registration will probably be required to add and remove characters.


Current features:

  • The API crawler maintains a database similar to wowhead, a popular datamining website for World of Warcraft. This will allow you to physically see the attributes of all items within the API without using it yourself.
  • A month-to-month record of all players (although the bot is not always on, unlike the one here). It will be reset many times before actual record keeping begins.

That is the end of my monthly update, back to the hole boys.

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Shameless RAF Plug

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
The return of refer a friend has been a long time coming. People have been asking for months for my refer link, so here it is:

click me, play planetside for free, etc

Get yourself some free shit so I can also get some free shit for SOE's games (when you make a new account).

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The million planetmans march

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall

I hope you all enjoyed our little event. I didn't write the speech so when it was presented to me I couldn't not post it up for a day.

This problem among others are piling up on this glorious labor day weekend and it isn't just me who is getting frustrated. Many, many users are having their directives reset, high server ping, poor performance, etc. We even had Sentient banned on his first "offense" with no explanation. I figured we could cause a ruckus a bit while everyone is here and on vacation.

I encourage you to bother SOE until they actually give a solution to these problems or admit that they can't. The last time we collectively complained we saw a huge boost in community interaction. They are improving but are systematically taking steps to reverse the progress they have made.

If you didn't read the speech, you can at least read this paragraph:

The marvelous levels of QQ which has engulfed the PlanetMans community must not lead us to a distrust of all SOE employees, for many SOE developers, as evidenced by their presence in social media, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize their success is inextricably bound to our shiny guns and shit. We cannot sit alone.

The speech will remain a splash to this website as long as directives are broken. I won't ask for them to be restored because I know their database team was too incompetent to save backups. I'm sure you will all continue to enjoy the game even though it makes you extremely depressed.

Let customer satisfaction ring.


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