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DBG is getting DDoSed. Smedbot said it was minor but its affecting everything they have, including the API. Very few responses are coming through, so you all know what this means.

Should also mention this has been an ongoing thing and you should read up on it if you're interested. This post even made it to r/bestof on reddit.

Update: 7/12 -- API is still clogged. The scanner has about 3 days of backlogged updates.

Update 7/16 -- We're back! There is still a backlog and it will take a day or so to get everything up to date. Requesting single profiles should work again and there should be no missing icons.

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[DA] DasAnfall
Doing some stuff with the bot since it isn't working properly. Any request you send between now (10 PM EST) and when I finish won't be processed.

Everything should be working now. Incoming requests are now processed on their own thread. This means they will be updated immediately ahead of everything else. The only time it will be slow is if the API is being slow or the SQL server is backed up (which happens sometimes during the grade calculations because of the large amount of math). This will also stop requests from getting lost in the queue if a thread restarts.


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A note about the PS4 release

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I haven't posted a thread on the stats site news in a while except to update the API database, so I figured I'd post one in honor of the PS4 release.

As you probably would have guessed I will not make the transition to support PS4 players' API characters. This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. The majority of the planetside playerbase (especially ones concerned about stats) have quit or do not play often. Once the honeymoon phase for PS4 is over nothing will have changed. The population will still be incredibly low for a game that has huge battles as a selling point.
  2. The difference between a controller and a mouse/keyboard is so huge that there is no reason to compare them. This is true even if the site has a section just for PS4. The controller is aim-assisted and linear, the relative skill of a player will be their ability to overcome being gimped by the controller.

Also, the vocal majority of planetside is slowly becoming more and more stupid. If you can believe it, people are actually embracing the ban announcement gimmick that DBG rolled out the other day. If they were really doing their job you would not even notice hackers. You've been able to easily identify hackers with any of the community sites since we made them, and no one cared. Now we are announcing them in-game and distracting players? The community drama used to be fun but at this point its just becoming depressing. Lets review this year in PlanetSide so far:

So we'll keep beating that dead horse, team. I have admittedly played a bit this month (a few hours at most), and the game is the same as it was 2 years ago.

If you are a new player, do yourself a favor and just don't bother. Some of the players this community was home to have been following SOE since PlanetSide 1 was released and they are still waiting for a reason to continue playing a game that was slated for 7 years (or whatever crazy number Smedly was thinking of that day).

If you are still playing and have been for a time, you already know how I feel about the game and have seen me write posts about frustrations with the game. Even if you want new players to have a good time they will only enjoy the game as you did temporarily until they realize how little the staying power of it is.

...and for all players, new or old, remember!

Edited for Sinist getting the Boursk treatment. RIP.

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