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Database update 5/19

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[DA] DasAnfall

Updated the planethead database for today's patch. You can also find the new price of any weapon by just using the beta site's search feature, typing in the name, and clicking the marketing bundle.
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Patience is a virtue

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[DA] DasAnfall
As 50 said below, the API is fucky. Like, really fucky.

Fellow stats enthusiasts: if your character isn't loading properly (Object is waiting to be loaded, etc...), please have some patience. The bot can only do so much when the problems are on DBG's side. Wait an hour or two, read a book, browse the PS2 subreddit, or other fun things that you can do outside of the game. Get some Vitamin D; the weather is getting nicer! (Oh who am I kidding? I hate the sun.)

There is no point in sending a report saying that it's not updating properly because the admins can't do anything about it either. (I'm currently F5-ing my page as we speak to no avail. We're all SOL, sorry.)

If a cheater, exploiter, or aimbotter is on the DAS, please post some photo/video evidence of killboard, gameplay, or anything you could have on this person. This website should not be polluted by mongrels.

People who abuse popular exploits (sticky grenades through shields, bulldogs/zepher through biolab roofs) will not be blacklisted. I'm just as upset as you are.

Thank you for understanding!
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API Problems

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[DA] DasAnfall
Edit 2: To not clog up the front page with posts, I will post a minor changelog here (5/5) that I made since outfits were downloading slow.

Changed the way outfits are discovered:

  • All restrictions removed except for minimum player requirement: now requires at least 1 member (before it had to be 5-3000 members)
  • Outfits are never deleted unless the API specifically reports "not found" (so outfits should no longer disappear, but can still be registered as an error)
  • All unknown outfits that come back from the metadata search are checked at the same time (before it would be queued to be done over a few days so current/known outfit data would be updated more often)

The census API is intermittently going offline or returning blank pages. As the bot went through all outfits last night it received a series of blank responses that were interpreted as the outfit not existing. I have just deleted all outfits to clean out the database, as 90% of them were deleted anyway.

Also, I will keep the scanner offline until the API is back to normal. Other parts of the site that rely on it will probably not respond or have an error. You can still view players' stats (but frozen) and leaderboards.

Finally, please read Cheese's post below. She is my PlanetSide 2 herald (as she is the only trustworthy/willing person still playing this game) and will deal with anyone who engages in extreme autism. Only YOU can prevent statpadding. She has also nominated conchubair as our European administrator. Be sure to ask him to change your stats so he can promptly tell you no.

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