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December changes

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
Updated the planethead DB with some of the changes in December. If anyone is interested you can find the link below. It's mostly christmas shit. You can also see the new T4 implants.


Don't drink too much on new years everyone!
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Miller/Woodman merge

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
Woodman has been removed from the server list. Until your character is updated characters on Woodman will appear to be without a server. After it is updated it will appear as being on Miller.

Also fixed a minor bug with renamed implants. SOE wants to kill me from the grave apparently. If you see anything related to items not working you can reply to this post and I'll update them.

Ninja edit: The stats tracker was down yesterday as the server it is hosted on was having some maintenance/updates done. Sorry for not announcing this as it was late last night and I didn't intend on it to be down all day.

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Sanction changes / db update

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall
Updated the sanction lists for all the new reskin items.

You can view all changes made to the database up to 11/14/14 here:

Will update this post as I skim through the changes while I was away.
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