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There is a bot that can interface with the stats site that resides on Discord named You can use these commands in any channel:

  • !player name - Gets basic stats and a link to a player. Accepts general searches.
  • !outfit alias - Gets basic stats and a link to an outfit. Only accepts a 2-4 letter alias.


Discord has a complex permission system that gives users certain power or makes them stand out. If you need permissions changed you can @me or anyone moderator and above in #help. I set up a few of them for the server:

  • Server Admins - People who manage the discord. They will probably not be able to answer PlanetSide questions.
  • DA Officers - People who are officers or manage something within [DA]. Ask them about the outfit itself, if you have questions.
  • Moderators - People who moderate the discord. They might not always be [DA] members and will only be there to make sure no one is being a dick.
  • DA Members - People who are members of the [DA] outfit.
  • DA Applicant - People who are in [DA2] and are applying to join our outfit.
  • DA Friend - People who are friends of [DA] or represent other PlanetSide outfits on Discord.
  • Salty Vets - People who are well known players or friends of [DA]. They are marked separately because they are usually capable of answering game related questions reliably.
  • Bots - This role is assigned to server bots. Only Nightbot and the stats site bot have this role. They are not players and will not respond to private messages.

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