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Donations & Contributions

Originally, I did not want to take donations. The website has grown far beyond my expectations and we are at the point where growth unfortunately is just going to require more hardware and time than originally planned. Many of you have recommended to me that I offer a donation button, so I would like to give you all the chance to send me your hard earned money that you would have otherwise spent on giraffe camo.

Anyway, you will find the donation link below. You can contribute any amount you want over a dollar ($1 USD). PayPal will eat any contribution below that amount with its transfer fee. Please include your username on the site so I can give you a donor tag. You may also donate anonymously.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at (for business or personal reasons). It may take me a day or two to set your access as well. You may also send a follow up email to me at that address if you wish, I love feedback.

DONATE via PayPal
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