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All 2nd Generation Implants

All in-game implants with their highest level effects. Source:

Aerial Combatant (5 levels) 6003104
Killing an enemy as a Light Assault restores 30% jump jet fuel or more based on type, and vehicle kills will restore an additional 20%. Ambusher Jump Jets now instantly recharge on a kill. Light Assault only.
Ammo Printer (5 levels) 6003106
Restocks one tick of ammunition for all infantry weapons and the weapons of nearby vehicles you own every 60 seconds. Works in vehicles. MAX units can equip.
Anti-Vehicle Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004320
Unlocks access to Anti-Vehicle Grenades. Engineer only.
Assassin (5 levels) 6003840
Kills have a 50% chance to clear spot attempts on you, headshots have a 100% chance, and dealing damage to enemies will now automatically spot them for you and nearby allies. Does not clear spot attempts on vehicles.
Assault Rifle Access (1 levels) 6004318
Unlocks access to Assault Rifles. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Engineer only.
Assimilate (5 levels) 6003102
On a headshot kill, instantly restore 200 shield and 10% of your maximum ability energy.
Awareness (2 levels) 802511
Auto-spots enemies who damage or kill you if they are not using a suppressed weapon.Tier 4 implant.Works in vehicles.MAX units can equip.
Battle Hardened (5 levels) 6003474
Reduces camera shake and flinch from explosions and bullet impacts by 50%, and killing a target will double this bonus for the next 10 seconds. MAX units can equip.
Battle Rifle Secondary (1 levels) 6004339
Allows use of Battle Rifles in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Combat Medic only.
Carapace (1 levels) 6003570
Your personal shield is removed and replaced with 500 additional health. Equipment that adds or modifies shield health does not stack with this implant.
Carbine Access (1 levels) 6004341
Unlocks access to Carbines. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Combat Medic only.
Carbine Secondary (1 levels) 6004321
Allows Carbines to be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. Light Assault only.
Catlike (5 levels) 6003101
Reduces the movement speed penalty for crouching by 75%, and you gain increased jumping height.
Combat Armor Discount (1 levels) 6004313
Reduces the nanite cost of Lightning and Main Battle Tank by 20%.
Combat Medic Nano-Repair Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004342
Unlocks access to Nano-Repair Grenades. Combat Medic only.
Combat Medic Scout Rifle Access (1 levels) 6004340
Unlocks access to Scout Rifles. Combat Medic only.
Combat Surgeon (5 levels) 6003100
Kills and revives restore 30% of your Nano-Regen Device energy, and reviving an ally increases your resistance to small arms damage by 25% for 3.5 seconds. Combat Medic only.
Concussion Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004343
Unlocks access to Concussion Grenades. Combat Medic only.
Counter-Intelligence (1 levels) 6003455
You automatically spot targets who damage you, and while not inside a vehicle, you are also notified on the HUD when spotted by an enemy. Works in vehicles. MAX units can equip.
Deep Operative (5 levels) 6003633
Whenever you spend longer than a total of 12 seconds outside of cloak without taking damage, your cloak's visibility will be reduced by 75%. Additionally, killing an enemy will reduce this countdown by 3 seconds. Dying or taking damage from enemy sources will reset the benefit countdown. Infiltrator only.
EMP Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004319
Unlocks access to EMP Grenades. Engineer only.
Engineer AMR Secondary (1 levels) 6004307
Allows Anti-Materiel Rifles to be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. Engineer only.
Flash Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004336
Unlocks access to Flash Grenades. Infiltrator only.
Ground Transport Discount (1 levels) 6004312
Reduces the nanite cost of ANT and Sunderer by 20%.
Heavy Air Discount (1 levels) 6004315
Reduces the nanite cost of Liberator and Galaxy by 20%.
Heavy Assault Anti-Materiel Rifle Access (1 levels) 6004328
Unlocks access to Anti-Materiel Rifles. Heavy Assault only.
Heavy Assault Hardlight Barrier Access (1 levels) 6004332
Unlocks access to Hardlight Barrier. Heavy Assault only.
Heavy Assault Sticky Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004330
Unlocks access to Sticky Grenades. Heavy Assault only.
Heavy Weapon Secondary (1 levels) 6004327
Allows Heavy Weapons to be used in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Heavy Assault only.
Infiltrator SMG Secondary (1 levels) 6004333
Allows SMGs to be used in the secondary weapon slot. Infiltrator only.
Infiltrator Spitfire Turret Access (1 levels) 6004338
Unlocks access to Spitfire Turrets. Infiltrator only.
Infiltrator Tank Mine Access (1 levels) 6004337
Unlocks access to Tank Mines. Infiltrator only.
Infravision (1 levels) 6003109
While equipped, the player will highlight infantry and vehicles within 125 meters at all times, while reducing vision at long range. MAX units can equip. Does not work in vehicles.
LMG Access (1 levels) 6004317
Unlocks access to LMGs. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Engineer only.
LMG Secondary (1 levels) 6004326
Allows LMGs to be used in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Heavy Assault only.
Light Air Discount (1 levels) 6004314
Reduces the nanite cost of ESF and Valkyrie by 20%.
Light Assault Proximity Mine Access (1 levels) 6004324
Unlocks access to Anti-Personnel Mines. Light Assault only.
Light Assault Scout Rifle Access (1 levels) 6004325
Unlocks access to Scout Rifles. Light Assault only.
Light Ground Discount (1 levels) 6004311
Reduces the nanite cost of Flash by 50% and Harasser by 20%.
Logistics Specialist (1 levels) 6003748
While piloting a vehicle, that vehicle becomes capable of spawning squadmates directly into it if there is an open seat.
Minor Cloak (1 levels) 6003434
Remaining stationary for 8 seconds will cloak the user. Movement will break this cloak, though short bouts of movement will let you return to cloak more quickly after breaking it. Firing a weapon will reset the 8 second recharge countdown.
Nanomesh Specialist (5 levels) 6003103
Reduces the rate of decay on your overshield by 80% while stationary, and 40% while moving. Additionally, your depleted overshield no longer has a delay before it begins recharging. Heavy Assault only.
Nightmare (5 levels) 6003108
Killing an enemy while wielding a melee weapon, or while within 5 meters of your target will cloak you for 2 seconds. This cloak does not lock your weapons or interactions while active.
Ocular Shield (5 levels) 6003460
Reduces the duration and effectiveness of Concussion, Flash, and EMP Grenades used against you 30%; and using a Medical or Restoration Kit provides immunity to these effects for the next 5 seconds, but does not clear effects already applied. MAX units can equip.
Overdrive (5 levels) 6003803
Roadkills with a Flash, Harasser, ESF, or Liberator will restore 40% base turbo energy.
Phylactery (1 levels) 6003848
Each time experience is gained, your phylactery receives a charge. At 50 charges, your next death will allow you to self-revive once at 50% health. Charges cannot be gained while in a vehicle or while dead.
Regeneration (5 levels) 6003427
Regenerates 35 health per second when out of combat for 10 seconds, and headshot kills restore 50 health immediately.
Reserve Hardlight Barrier Access (1 levels) 6004331
Unlocks access to the Reserve Hardlight Barrier. Heavy Assault only.
Robotics Technician (5 levels) 6003110
Non-mine deployables you own within 15m have a 25% resistance to incoming damage and will repair themselves for 25 health per second, even while under fire. The damage resistance also applies to the Engineer when mounting a deployed MANA turret. Engineer only.
SMG Secondary (1 levels) 6004322
Allows SMGs to be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Light Assault only.
Safe Fall (5 levels) 6003432
Normal fall damage now starts at 75 meters, lethal fall damage starts near 230 meters, and you take reduced damage when vehicles collide with you. MAX units can equip.
Safeguard (5 levels) 6003105
Upon being revived, damage taken is reduced by 20% for 3.5 seconds, and you instantly restore 200 shield health as infantry, or an extra 500 health while in a MAX suit. MAX units can equip.
Sensor Shield (5 levels) 6003686
Your radar signature no longer appears on detection devices outside of 10 meters, and you will no longer be highlighted by Thermal or IRNV at any time.
Shotgun Secondary (1 levels) 6004316
Allows Shotguns to be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons. Engineer only.
Sidearm Primaries (1 levels) 6004308
Allows characters to equip sidearms in their primary weapon slot. Does not include Directive reward weapons.
Sticky Grenade Access (1 levels) 6004335
Unlocks access to Sticky Grenades. Infiltrator only.
Sweeper HUD (5 levels) 6003465
Target range is displayed on your crosshair, and enemy explosives within 35 meters are automatically spotted. Works in ground vehicles. MAX units can equip.
Target Focus (5 levels) 6003479
Displays the target's health bar while spotted, increases crosshair IFF detection range, and increases hold breath duration by 300%. MAX units can equip. Works in vehicles.
Universal Decoy Grenades (1 levels) 6004310
Unlocks access to Decoy Grenades for ALL classes.
Universal Smoke Grenades (1 levels) 6004309
Unlocks access to Smoke Grenades for ALL classes.
Vampire (5 levels) 6003107
Killing an enemy while wielding a melee weapon or sidearm restores 325 health. This effect does not trigger on quick melee attacks.
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