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Vanu Sovereignty M60-A Bulldog
Vanu Sovereignty Galaxy left weapon

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Min. Kills:500 kills

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#     Name Server Kills V. Kills KVVK Deaths KDR Δ AgA Accuracy Δ HSR Δ KPH Δ VKPH Δ SPM Time LPK Δ SPK Δ
Vanu Sovereignty[PSET]detomasoSconXCobalt91676N/A8910.292C+1.3550.271%B+1.638%D35.5C++2.9C17325.8h5.6B+11.1B+
Vanu Sovereignty[PSET]Wolf2063Cobalt79157N/A4019.775B8.1350.665%B+2.276%C+44.7B+3.2C15517.7h6.4C+12.6B+
Vanu Sovereignty[PSET]AtemuHDCobalt74241N/A1549.467A*37.8256.793%B**1.482%D78.1A*4.3C++2339.5h4.2B**7.4B**
Vanu Sovereignty[PSET]bregsiCobalt65749N/A2526.28B++14.6352.018%B++3.196%B++55.7B**4.2C+21411.8h4.2B**8.1B**
Vanu Sovereignty[PSET]ChoasGOATCobalt51857N/A4012.95C+1.3045.502%C+N/A58.9B**6.5B++4648.8h4.6B*10B*
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