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#     Name Server Kills V. Kills KVVK Deaths KDR Δ AgA Accuracy Δ HSR Δ KPH Δ VKPH Δ SPM Time LPK Δ SPK Δ
Vanu Sovereignty[VESP]Haukulator3Cobalt1,94321N/A1,3951.393C+0.1519.321%C24.138%C+28.4C+N/A10868.3h11.9B+61.6C++
Vanu Sovereignty[VESP]gargamel43Cobalt1,19515N/A2,1200.564C-0.6819.517%C21.423%C-15.2DN/A7078.4h11.5B+58.9C++
Vanu Sovereignty[VESP]DreddJCobalt1,16413N/A9421.236C+0.0118.516%C-25.43%C++22.9CN/A10350.8h13.3C+71.7C+
Vanu Sovereignty[VESP]BingEllingCobalt1,15713N/A1,5860.73C0.5120.132%C+19.879%D20.7C--N/A7955.9h14.8C73.5C+
Vanu Sovereignty[VESP]KnolleKarlCobalt73325N/A1,3670.536C--0.7120.669%C+21.828%C23.1CN/A10231.8h14.2C68.7C+
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