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Software Updates 8/17/2016

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Site Admin

[3GIS] Aegis Initiative
Made some software updates today to the server that should provide some noticeable speed boosts, in general, to the website.

It's possible the updates broke some date functions, so let us know if your stats are any more inconsistent than normal ;)

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Minor updates 8/11/2016

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall

  • Changed the way the player leaderboard works internally. It should load in less than 500ms instead of 5 seconds now.
  • As a result of this you can no longer search domains by default on the players page.
  • Added a domain specific leaderboard to compensate for the removal of IVI from the players page. This will also give you the ability to search more accurately and in other domains (so you can see for example who has the most piloting kills, and so on).
  • I made a discord server to play around with the discord API and for the stats site in general because it's the hip thing to have now. Eventually if enough people use it I will phase out the forums and move to discord to make things easier. I don't have a lot of time to check forums and emails these days so a communal group chat will be nice to have. Feel free to use the channels to find other MLG swaglords to play with.

Direct link to discord

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Brief Site Outage

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Site Admin

[3GIS] Aegis Initiative
Sorry for the couple blips of downtime today. Overall the server is working very well, considering what 50 puts it through. But sometimes a little emergency admin is needed.
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