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Rest In Peace My Fellow Planetman

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It is with great sadness this week that we farewell our friend Potatoes (Acratopotes). Who sadly lost his 'Never Ending War,' with cancer just a few days ago. Hard to think he was shit talking with everyone just a few days ago after the Briggs match. Personally i was shocked to hear of his passing as i had not even heard he was battliing such a terrible thing. Our thoughts go out to those members of [1TR] The First Terran Rangers of Emerald Server. Stay strong boys.

I first met Potatoes when i was preparing for my first ever platoon lead against Miller server on Esamir. Platoon 6 would not have been able to run without that man on board. He was a kind and charismatic young gentleman whom never spoke ill of others. I certainly never had anybody speak otherwise of him. A young man taken well be fore his prime whom will be missed by all that had the pleasure to know him. If only for a little while.


V5 mate. We will be waiting to catch that ride.

Cheers, MikeHoncho
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Infantry data is RIP

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I reset the sanction tables (1/6 of it is ivi) to make a large change to the table structure. It was easier to start over than to clean it out with a large query to make the change.

Also, I replaced % with knife with medkits per deaths since no one liked it anyway , it's broken, and this new feature was requested. I will make a leaderboard later with this info. It will have to be a separate thing.

It is also worth officially noting I changed the manually add page:

  • You have to login to use it (I have to do this to prevent bots, with guest account being a thing now)
  • Added a queue list and the ability to see where your request is prioritized/pending (I did this a few days ago)

View my response to the request here

Edit: apparently I screwed things up a lot more than I realized last night, should all be working now

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Account system going away

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There have been various problems with logging in/out. Instead of fixing the whole site I just set it to automatically make every visitor a guest. Anyone can view pages normally set for members, but can't interact with them (so no posting as a guest). If you already have an account you can still log in, post messages, etc.

Update: account creation should be working again. It is still now globally optional, so you only need to make one if you want to post on the internal forum or take advantage of the user options.

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