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Server Issues

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[DA] DasAnfall
The site has been intermittently having problems with a few different parts of the website. It should all be working now, but I reset the infantry data tables while I was working with SQL (they are the bulk of the data). I'll keep an eye on everything over the next few days to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Battle Rank Changes

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[DA] DasAnfall
I wanted to talk about the new battle rank changes before it is released (if it gets released). I really don't care what they do in the end but I'm gonna let you guys know ahead of time what will happen when the changes go live:

  1. If the changes are not retroactive (this is how they plan it to be): The stats site won't be changed to accommodate new battle rank other than showing it on the side. If you were already BR 100 you have an unknown amount of XP leftover. There will be no way to figure it out unless DBG saves the amount of XP you had when their system was updated. Player st0mpeh made great points on reddit about it. His post pretty much sums up my feelings using different words. It will essentially break the BR after cap scaling.
  2. If the changes are retroactive: the site will be updated to accommodate the new BR cap and the formula will be changed to start at 120 instead of 100. There won't be any disparity there.

They have a history of not doing things retroactively and screwing up the statistics. The same thing happened when they supposedly removed a death for being revived. All they did was cause confusion among new players. If they don't want to do it retroactively they really should separate it from the normal BR (like paragon levels in Diablo 3) for the sake of reliability. In the end score never really mattered and is probably one of the least useful tracked stats, so don't let your MLG side get too bent out of shape.

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Server Maintenance

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[3GIS] Aegis Initiative
There will be some brief downtime late night some time this week (Dec 21st - 23rd Dec 2015) as we need to do some maintenance on the hardware/software.

Everything is running fine, just routine security updates and possibly some extra ram thrown in, because, why not.

EDIT: Server was down between ~ 2 - 2.30am eastern. Please let us know if there are any issues

EDIT2: Been having a few server issues in the last 48 hours. Its being looked into. Possible RAM issues.

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