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[DA] DasAnfall
The API for Emerald has been offline for some time. I created this tool to help you all cope:

Also fixed the population tracker. It shouldn't be crashing every 3 hours anymore.

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Updates 3/26/16

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Root Admin

[DA] DasAnfall

  • Fixed a bug where the bot wasn't updating players (and by relation: outfits)
  • Last patch difference log
  • Added realtime game population graph (PC only): link
  • Pop data has an API here (json format)
  • Added a crude killboard/tk tracker since reddit is so depressed since's disappearance. Example. You can get to it for any player by typing the ID at the top or navigating to the player's profile and clicking the killboard button.

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Updates 2/27/16

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[DA] DasAnfall
Gonna note a few minor changes and add an official record of some other minor things you may or may not have noticed:

Site Changes

  • Added the dynamic weapon list filter from the beta site to the player weapon page. You can sort by sanction list (the dropdown) or by weapon category (via the button next to the name). You can then subsort this new list with the columns.
  • Fixed columns that have % to not round and be inaccurate when sorting.
  • Added a note about the sanction CSV to the weapons page. A lot of people have been mentioning IVI on reddit. Now the list is easily accessible. The format is just ID,NAME,CODE where each letter is the first of its category name (except shotguns which use h).
  • The complex item viewer is all done. I won't make it beautiful because most of the people using it are just there for the numbers. If you want to make a better one, layout a spreadsheet or something else, you can get the raw JSON data here (2.7MB, dont use chrome json viewer). Special characters use python string formatting.


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