9/28 Update News

Working on getting the site moved. Once we confirm a place to put it, it won't take long to get it back up.

reddit post from endad himself

9/3 Update News

To start, the website is down because the company that hosts the site (GoDaddy) did something to the database that the site uses to store all of the information it displays (player data, user accounts, achievements, etc). I don't know if it's damaged or not because they, in their infinite wisdom, only allow logging for a period of 7 days. This means I can't go back and see why it's broken myself.

The worse news is that GoDaddy also recently got rid of their ticketing system. This means to get any help you have to call them directly. Had I known this I would have taken the site off their host a long time ago, so it is my fault for that. This puts the site coming back online to an undetermined date, as I have to coordinate with Ender (who doesn't even play PlanetSide anymore) to talk to them and see what else is broken (DA stats isn't the only thing on this server).

The icing on the cake now is that my computer was recently replaced (<2 weeks ago, it unexpectedly died) and I didn't get to make a new backup of the database on my local test server. Of course, GoDaddy's automated backup system is not working, and I can only create a new copy of the database by using phpMyAdmin, which is broken because the database is not working properly.

The site being down has nothing to do with the API being down. It was a coincidence that this happened when it did. I can't do anything about it immediately and it was partially my fault for not paying attention and creating multiple recent backups. I can restore the website on a new database but it will take time that I do not have right now, and ~2 years of data will be lost. As most of you who are reading this are the few members of the playerbase who still enjoys stats, I'm sorry that I have indirectly taken away your fap material. The rumors are that the community is already furiously at work creating a replacement (as my inside man of aussie relations and part time teamkiller of a source MikeHoncho suggests). So if this downtime creates unrecoverable damage, it will undoubtedly be replaced.

tl;dr we got a hatrick boys: ded game, ded outfit, ded site; downtime unknown but we still have more uptime than Briggs.

If you want to see a cached copy of a page, you can use this website. Since the site wasn't updating recently anyway, it will work in the meantime.