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Legate Immortal arronaxx[1TNC] arronaxx
VS BR 73

KDR: 1.5

Score: 7.4m

Last Seen: Jul 20th, 2014 9:05 AM
- OFFLINE - 99.2 hour(s)

Rank 73 Legate of the Vanu Sovereignty, Member of TheNewConglomerate[1TNC] TheNewConglomerate
VS outfit on Cobalt

Members: 121
, on Cobalt
Level Progress: 31%  
Level 100 Progress: 39% 1394h
PRIMARY WEAPONS Supernova PC Nebula VM20 Nebula VM20 Blueshift VM5
MORE  RAW DATA (Basic)  RAW DATA (Outfit)  @PLAYERS SITE  COMPARE PLAYER  5428021759043979825  @KILLBOARD  

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